Saturday, November 14, 2009

xx or xy...that is the question

Here's the proof - I'm finally showing some evidence of pregnancy. Though unfortunately most of the time I just look like a college girl with a sexy beer gut.

I'm really curious to find out the gender of this baby (as I was with Jackson). I didn't have a strong hunch one way or the other with Jackson, but I really think this baby is a girl. No matter the gender, this babe is definitely different than Jackson. It's calmer (kicks less frequently, and gentler) and seems mellowed out. Sounds perfect.

Our family of three will make the trip to the hospital on Monday afternoon for my ultrasound. They're going to check the baby's anatomical measurements, the amount of fluid around the baby...etc. and of course, the gender! Hopefully we can get a gender shot as good as Jackson's ultrasound (for those of you who saw it back then...for those who don't, I will try to locate it because it's priceless!)

Male or female, we are excited to welcome this baby into the world and into our family! Does anyone have any guesses?


  1. I hope it's a girl but for some reason I picture you being this cute little mom surrounded by your protective sons! Don't ask me why:-)

  2. You have really changed in size since I last saw you--getting bigger! How wonderful!