Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hungarian Nut Rolls Baby!

My mom just left after a six day visit and man did we do a lot in six days! I love to cook and bake, especially with friends, so we went to town in the kitchen. Plus my new kitchen is so much more spacious and well-designed, and my oven has three baking racks!

I got this recipe from my famous grandmother, Gigi (a near clone of Martha Stewart, except not as criminal). If I have the story straight, it originally came from her sister's husband, who was from Hungary. But really it doesn't matter, all that matters is how incredibly amazing these nut rolls are. Here's the gist of it:

You start by making a sweet dough

Then you make the nut mixture with walnuts, eggs, honey...etc

Then you roll out the dough into 8 discs and spread some nut-a-licious on it

Roll 'er up!

Let 'er rise

And eat the whole roll in one sitting! Delicious!

If you come visit us you can have your own! Just a little incentive!


  1. Looks yummy!!!! How about we have them for the Dale family breakfast at Christmas time? You can make them! Yahoo!!!!!

  2. .....and i said i was too tired!!!! Send me the recipe!!!!