Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pod: fun with markers

I call this design: Hitler Harry Potter + Goatee

But them I had to let him do it to me...

He tried to get Daddy, but he wasn't in the mood

and that made him sad


  1. love this!
    oh, and by the way, I had a little PTA of my own today when i took the bus to the airport to pick up my parents and approximately 500 people got on the bus with me!!
    happy turkey day!! tell my bf jackson that I miss him!!:)

  2. I would have let jackson write on me too!!! Tell him that...BTW, was is washable???

  3. Yes it was washable. In fact, Jackson cried at bedtime and his Hitler-stach came right off! I did not get my haircut yet but am going today!