Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Waffle Window

Portland is really into food...served up all kinds of ways - from a cart, a trailer, a window, just to name a few. While Emily was visiting in November we thought we'd try out what's known as The Waffle Window. It's literally a window that's connected to an (overpriced) restaurant/cafe. The Waffle Window appears to be the cheaper venue but still allows for some experience of the actual cafe, because there is special, Waffle Window indoor seating in a small section of the cafe, clearly marked by it's red and white checkered tablecloth. You know, the plastic kind. Or, if it's not raining, you can enjoy your waffle from a picnic table outside.

But I digress...

The point of this blog post is to let you know how incredibly, completely, aboslutely HEAVENLY these waffles are. (ie: entice you with yet another reason to mosey on over to the pacific northwest for a visit)

As you can see in the above and below pictures, this aint your mamma's waffle. This also aint your typical breakfast waffle, though I know a few people who could probably stomach this for breakfast, but not me. I consider this a dessert waffle. And they have TONS of choices, with clever names to boot. I can't seem to remember what my favorite one is called, but it has dark chocolate, pears, raspberries, and fresh whipping cream. Ahhhh...are you salivating yet?

Until you come for a visit, Jackson and I will have to eat our waffle alone. (Steve's on the program...again). We've already made it a weekly ritual.

But we deserve it...because we (usually) walk there and back. And that's like a whole mile :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Shirt Design!

I'm so happy with the way this design turned out, I just had to make a post about it! This design was inspired by some photos I took of Jackson with balloons this past fall. Here are a few process photos:

stencil has been cut and ironed on the shirt
paint inside the stencil
outer stencil has been removed
little pieces have been removed

and for the final touch I sewed on the balloon strings with orange thread. Even an ugly baby would look cute in this onesie!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jackson's First Full Day of Preschool

Most of the kids at Jackson's preschool stay for a full day, and he always leaves before lunch. He's been begging us to let him stay for a full day for a while now, so we thought we'd try it out. He helped pack his lunch last night in preparation for the big day. Can you tell he was excited?