Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Think It's Called 'Nesting'

I've been a little behind in posting lately, due to a serious case of insanity including organizing every baby/kid item we have collected over the last 5 years. It's really insane how much stuff we have accumulated.

We ate cereal for dinner for about a week and maneuvering through the kitchen/living room became our own Olympic sport - thankfully it's all over now! As I was washing all the baby clothes/toys/things I was thinking that it would be easier to go buy it all new! But thankfully we hardly need to buy anything, except for some random items that mysteriously got lost in the move (I think we lost a box somewhere along the way. I hope the guys that moved us are enjoying our changing pad and play mat and size large Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers!) And I had to buy Sharky one new outfit to wear home from the hospital, because after that it's going to be 100% hand-me-downs!

Now it's all stacked up in labeled bins in a clean and organized basement. Ahh...the things that bring me joy.


  1. Did anyone else notice that my last two posts have started with "I've been a little behind..."
    Maybe that should just be an unspoken disclaimer at the start of all my posts.

  2. Do you want my large fuzzi bunz? I seriously won't use them. I can ship them to you!! Let me know.

  3. you deserve to be a little behind...you are about to push a human being out of your body:) SOOO excited that you are going to come visit this weekend! I'll call you later!