Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where the Sky Meets the Sea

My friend Gina is in town and has never been this far west, so we went to the coast - to a city called Seaside. We lucked out and actually saw some blue sky and it didn't rain until we were almost back in Portland!

This was also my first trip to the Oregon coast. Been here 7 months and I feel like I've hardly seen a thing!

Gina loves the beach...doesn't she look happy?

When we were at the Washington coast in the fall we bought a big kite that has two handles - it's a ton of fun once you get it going.

We were a little rusty since it had been a few months, but we managed to fly it for quite a while.

I wore Max and he slept the whole time. He loves to be worn! I'm still cleaning sand out of his ears from being on the beach.

I still feel like a kid in front of the ocean. It never gets old. I love it that we live so close!

We found lots of crab shells and starfish. Some for keeping, and some for skipping.

All in all, a beautiful and fun day.